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Various Indoor Units

Various Types of indoor units (Indoor Unit)

Architectural Support

  • Design for High-Rise Building
  • PREMIUM VRFis specially designed to supporthigh-rise building installation where condenser units are affected by strong winds almost all the time. This problem causes the general air conditioning systems to be unable to discharge heat, which as a result limits the air conditioning units’ cooling ability. The air conditioning units also have to consume too much energy and cooling fan motors are often broken. SAIJO DENKI has developed PREMIUM VRF to have the following special qualifications:

    - High External static pressure (Blower Type)

    Premium VRF is designed to generate high external static pressure of 150 Pa in the blower type, enabling the air conditioning system to dischargehot air far away from the building and preventing return of discharged air, thus reducing hot air discharge problems in high-rise buildings. As a result, the cooling capacity and energy saving are improved.

    - Wind Direction Monitoring and Air Discharge Direction Controller (Accessory)

    The latest innovation of SAIJO DENKI, Premium VRF is equipped with Wind Direction Monitoring system, which will measure wind direction outside the building and process data to control air discharge direction to ensure that the discharge of hot air can be made more easily in order to prevent the return ofdischarged air due to strong winds outside the building, which may cause outdoor unit to be unable to releasehot air. When the problem is solved, the useful life of cooling fan motors will be longer and the air conditioning system’s air discharge will be improved, resulting in the better cooling capacity and energy saving.

    Adjust air discharge direction to match natural wind direction to maximize energy saving and durability.

  • Design for Rooftop Installation – High Vertical Pipe Length
  • PREMIUM VRF is designed to support rooftop installation with the maximum pipe length of 150 meters. Thevertical distance between outdoor unit and indoor unit is 50 meters and the vertical distance between the top indoor unit and the lowest indoor unit is 30 meters. Therefore, the system can be installed on the rooftop of a 10-storey building (5 meters per one storey).

    A variety of installation
    configurations of indoor units with the
    maximum vertical pipe length of 50 meters
    or equivalent to a 10-storey building
    (5 meters per one storey)



    PREMIUM VRF - Outdoor Units - Propeller Type

    Condensing Unit Premium VRF – Propeller Type – Low Noise, High Reliability, Rooftop, on floor, on veranda for high-rise building,

    HYBRID PREMIUM VRF - Outdoor Units - Propeller Type

    Condensing Unit Hybrid Premium VRF – increase cooling capacity, lower power consumption comparing to normal VRF system

    PREMIUM VRF - Outdoor Units - Blower Type

    Condensing unit Premium VRF – Blower Type – High External Static Pressure, special design for high-rise building with strong wind resistance

    HYBRID PREMIUM VRF - Outdoor Units - Blower Type

    Condensing Unit Hybrid Premium VRF – increase cooling capacity,lower power consumption comparing to normal VRF system with high static pressure