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Various Outdoor Units

Various Types of Outdoor units (Outdoor Unit)

Various Indoor Units

Various Types of indoor units (Indoor Unit)

Energy Saving

  • A combination of the two latest energy saving innovations:
  • Grand Hybrid Inverter and BLDC Inverter

    With the technology recognized as Singapore’s No. 1 Energy Saving System for two years (2012 – 2014), SAIJO DENKI uses the Hybrid Pre-Cooling System developed by our experienced team, which contributes to ultimate energy efficiency based on the principle of reduction of hot air temperature before entering the outdoor unit and produces refreshingly cool air even in a tropical area. SAIJO DENKI’s unique Inverter System is able to reduce the operation of compressors to as low as 6,000 BTU. A combination of these superb energy saving technologies results in an air conditioning system with the impressive energy efficiency ratio.

  • Continuous Energy Saving with Outdoor Dust Filter
  • Outdoor Auto Cleaning System (available in maximum energy efficiency models)

    Most of the air conditioning systems are installed in the city where there are a lot of dust and fume, such as exhaust gas, road dust, smokes from restaurants, and dust from construction sites. This results in accumulation of small particles around condensing units, reducing the cooling capacity of air conditioning systems as a whole. SAIJO DENKI has introduced the Outdoor Auto Cleaning innovation comprising outdoor dust filter and automatic dust disposal systems, causing no negative effect on energy efficiency ratio and the overall operation. Thus, we now have an air conditioning system that is efficient in cooling and contributes to energy saving throughout its useful life.

  • Large Heat Exchanger
  • Premium VRF is designed to maximize energy saving and enhance cooling efficiency, which is achieved by increasing heat transfer surface area by 50%; thus, maximizing refrigerant performance and energy efficiency ratio.

    Heat transfer surface area is increased by 50%.

  • Low Standby Power Input
  • Premium VRF isspeciallydesigned to reduce power consumption, even during non-operation or standby periods. The power consumed is only 4.6 watt, which costs less than 50 satang/day when the unit is not turned on.
    *Electricity cost is calculated at 4 baht/unit.


    PREMIUM VRF - Outdoor Units - Propeller Type

    Condensing Unit Premium VRF – Propeller Type – Low Noise, High Reliability, Rooftop, on floor, on veranda for high-rise building,

    HYBRID PREMIUM VRF - Outdoor Units - Propeller Type

    Condensing Unit Hybrid Premium VRF – increase cooling capacity, lower power consumption comparing to normal VRF system

    PREMIUM VRF - Outdoor Units - Blower Type

    Condensing unit Premium VRF – Blower Type – High External Static Pressure, special design for high-rise building with strong wind resistance

    HYBRID PREMIUM VRF - Outdoor Units - Blower Type

    Condensing Unit Hybrid Premium VRF – increase cooling capacity,lower power consumption comparing to normal VRF system with high static pressure