AHU /Rooftop Package

AHU Inverter / Rooftop Package Inverter

  • AHU Hybrid Inverter / AHU Inverter
  • Durable can work up to 56 c ambient temperature
  • Can connect with computer and wireless network to get Error Log, Error Code and Usage condition of air conditioner
  • Energy Saving – All Inverter Compressors

  • Maximize energy savings and efficiency with AHU Inverter and Rooftop Package Inverter, which will deliver the required cooling capacity needed to maintain desired room conditions. The system will detect the cooling requirement of the room and adjust its cooling capacity to best suit such requirement. For example, if heat load is high (a lot of people), the air condition system will increase it cooling operation to meet the cooling requirement. In case of a room with low heat load (a small number of people), the air condition system will reduce its operation accordingly and consume less power in accordance with its reduced operation; therefore, it is much more energy efficient comparing with general air conditioning systems.
    While an air conditioner is off, the temperature and humidity in the air conditioner during many hours of non-operation may cause the growth of germs. When the air conditioner is turned on again, such germs will be sprayed out along with the air and breathed in by users. SAIJO DENKI’s Turbo A.P.S. has been developed to eliminate those disease-causing germs at their origin in the air conditioner by using two air purifiers to maximize the air purification efficiency. Ozone is generated while the air conditioner is turned off to eliminate germs at their origin in the air conditioner since ozone is 3,125 times** more effective in killing germs than chlorine. After an ozone treatment, the system will spread the air out and suck external air into the unit for ozone treatment again. Ozone treatment can be conducted consecutively for 24 times during the off-period of the air conditioner. Regarding ozone treatment in the air conditioning unit, only a very small amount of ozone will be emitted from the unit so the safety is 10 times** higher than the international ozone safety standard (IEC).

    Turbo A.P.S. (Accessory)

    Integrated with hospital operating-room-grade air purification technology, Turbo A.P.S. uses ozone that is 3,125 times more effective in killing germs than chlorine and uses electric field to generate magnetic field to filter particles and germs that are as small as 0.01 micron.

    HEPA FILTER (Accessory)

    Widely used in hospitals, especially operating rooms, HEPA filter is 99.97% effective in filtering dust, germs, allergens, and dirt as small as 0.3 microns. Thus, you can rest assured of its high air purification efficiency.

    Rooftop Package Hybrid Inverter

  • Rooftop Package Hybrid Inverter
  • Rooftop Package Inverter