• Generate Hot Water using Energy Saving Inverter technology

    With energy-saving inverter technology developed by SAIJO DENKI, the Inverter Hot Water Heat Pump has applied the air conditioning system using R410a eco-friendly refrigerant as hot water heater instead of electric or gas heater, which usually consumes a substantially large amount of energy and suffers high heat loss and low Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER).
    With water output temperatures of up to 70 degrees Celsius, in addition to its energy saving capability, the Inverter Hot Water Heat Pump can accurately control water temperatures, which are quite stable. The Inverter Hot Water Heat Pump has very high Energy Efficiency Ratio (average COP of 4.5 – 5), enabling it to take up 4.5 – 5 times less energy than the general systems. Thus, users can save much more energy and expenses compared to the general electric or gas heaters.
    The Inverter Hot Water Heat Pump’s maximized reliability is achieved by industrial grade inverter driver, especially durable compressors, and high quality condensers and evaporators.