Digital Multi-Split

  • Digital Multi-Split - 1 outdoor units to many indoor units with Energy Saving Feature
  • Luxury Villa - no outdoor units seen from outside

    With multi-inverter with 25 m. pipe length - technician can install pipe as easy as normal split type system
    Power Consumption by Number of Air Conditioners Turned on
    With intelligent inverter technology, when only one indoor unit is turned on, the compressor will reduce the operation accordingly; thus, power consumption is equal to one set of air conditioning unit.

    Hospital operating-room-grade ozone air purifier
    Integrated with high-performance Turbo A.P.S. and Double A.P.S. air purification systems using 5,000-volt electric field for air purification, but consuming only 0.50 milliampere, and capable of detecting particulates as small as 0.01 microns

    Quiet Operation
    Low Noise Indoor Unit - increasing condenser size and reducing fan coil motor speed for less noise and more comfort

    Low Noise Outdoor Unit - designed by SAIJO DENKI engineers and with attention to all details as well as refusal to cost reduction, a larger condensing unit is used to enhance heat release and smooth operation for less noise.

    Twin Rotary Compressor - with large condensing unit, a more durable compressor is employed and consists of two sets of rotaries jointly operating to contribute to faster cooling and enhanced energy saving, and double the air conditioning system's service life.