Duct type refers to a system that carries cool air through the duct installed. The purpose of duct type air conditioners is to cool large offices or buildings. The maximum size of the air conditioner is 360,000 BTU.

Double A.P.S

Creating an electromagnetic field of 3,600 volts to detect particles as small as 0.01 microns, such as pollens and dust mite droppings, which cause allergy. The unit can be self-dissembled for cleaning and its service life is longer than 10 years.

High-quality materials

  • Made of EG sheet electrostatic powder painting and electrogalvanized steel for maximum durability
  • Fin coils coated with hydrophilic substance to reduce accumulation of water drops around the evaporator, prevent rust, and extend service life.
  • Special insulator for silent operation and less noise